• corporateculture

    I am a K2 item.

    Since Info Slider Pro is responsive, you can have different sized content and it will smoothly transition to the next slide. Wait for it...

  • skyscraper

    See how that worked? Cool.

    Info Slider Pro is also touch/swipe enabled for mobile devices. If you are not on your mobile, re-size the browser to see how it adjusts.

Info Slider Pro

Info slider Pro is a responsive, touch enabled, Joomla module to display content from a Joomla or K2 category. It has navigation arrows and pagination. It has  5 arrow options. You can customize many parameters including  random display, show/hide arrows, show/hide titles, show/hide read more,  show/hide pagination and more! You can see it in action above and view the parameters below.

This commercial module is NOT included with Entrepreneur. You must purchase seperately. Click here to purchase.

 How is it different than the Free Info Slider module? See the comparison chart below.



Info Slider Pro

Info Slider Free

Responsive  Yes No
Effects Scroll/Fade Scroll
Content Display Joomla and K2 Joomla
Buttons 5 Options 1 Option
Random Display Yes Yes
Show/Hide Titles Yes Yes
Link Titles Yes Yes
Read More Yes No
Touch Swipe Enabled Yes No


Module Parameters

infoslider pro params